Luxurious & memorable Picnics, Parties, Date nights, and many more experiences.

Didi’s Luxury Picnic Experience

Who Are We And What Are We About?

What does Didi La Rose offers? We bring alive the dream. The dream of a stress free and well planned event. We meticulously create beautiful and memorable moments. What is the goal for our website? Easy picnic bookings, estimate inquires for custom event, Rentals, Marketplace. What is different about Didi La Rose? Workings with us means that your event isn’t just another event to plan and execute, It’ s an opportunity to support you (our beloved clients) through the process of bringing your loved ones or beloved guests together in the most easy, gorgeous and exciting way to celebrate or just to connect ones again.

What Does Our Processes Look Like?

Step One

Press the button below to pick from our preset events, events that are already planned and ready to go or you can click on our special custom event form to customize and bring your vision to life!

Step Two

Click on the preset you like and select your desired addons (more time, food, extra props, etc.) If you are doing a custom event, make sure to fill out the form to the best of your descriptive ability and after we approve, we will contact you for additional information and work with you. 

Step Three

Get excited for your new event and enjoy the experience that comes with using our services!